What IS gluten?



Gluten is a nasty protein found in all grains to varying degrees (especially GMO “super grains such as corn) and can wreak havoc on the bodies of people who are intolerant and/or sensitive to it. Besides causing harm to our bodies in the form of many auto-immune diseases including: lupus, fibromyalgia or MS, it can induce inflammation, fatigue, joint pain and negatively effects our skin. The presence of gluten activates our immune system that can lead to acne, eczema, dermatitis, etc. Our skin can become very irritated and angry—because it is! Gluten will also age your skin by causing wrinkles and a loss of elasticity along with puffy eyes. 


What’s so bad about gluten?

There are a lot of people out there who are suffering from the toxic effects of gluten, but are totally unaware of it—if you’re having skin issues, it’s possible that your body can’t cope with gluten. So, what is the connection between gluten and our skin?  When Gluten triggers the immune system to attack creating inflammation, which can in turn give rise to skin conditions comparable to acne, eczema or dermatitis. Going gluten-free may be an amazing benefit for your skin and body you never dreamt possible. Imagine having clearer and more radiant skin! Kudarat’s 100% gluten-free and grain free skin care products are our commitment to a more beautiful and healthy you!


Ingredients Including Gluten & Grains

Many ingredients in skin care products that contain gluten and grains. Some of these are obvious (e.g. hydrolyzed wheat protein), but many are not (e.g. tocopherol acetate). These culprits hide out behind the scenes and slip by the unsuspecting eye. The following list is not exhaustive, but it will help you learn what to look for when checking out the ingredients on labels.

*A word of note, these items are commonly derived from corn, but not always. However, if you can’t determine the source, it is better to err on the side of caution.

Please see our harmful ingredient list.

Healthy skin and a healthy you is a reflection of what you put in and on your body. At Kudarat, it’s not just what we put in our products, but what we don’t. We have created and will continue to create collections of skin-loving and innovative products by harnessing the best that nature has to offer. You can feel good about everything we make!

Instead of using harmful chemicals, like many conventional formulations, all Kudarat products contain natural and organic, botanically-based ingredients. Feed your skin, nourish your soul!

We formulate without using any ingredients that contain gluten. All of our products are 100% gluten and grain free.