Our Story

Our story began when our founder, Wendi Sudhakar, started having multiple serious health issues that seemed to appear out of nowhere. After conventional medicine failed to give her answers or relief, she decided to take the bull by the horns and find out what could be causing so many problems. The culprit—severe gluten intolerance.

Even after removing all gluten and grains from her diet, Wendi still wasn’t healing. That’s when it occurred to her that maybe her skincare products were the last piece of the puzzle. After all, we absorb what we put on our skin. Wendi sought out safe yet effective skincare and found that even among the more natural options, most still contained gluten, much of it hidden. Since “necessity is the mother of all invention”, Wendi decided that she would develop her own natural, organic, and gluten-free formulas that actually work,without all the chemicals and other nasties in conventional products. After lots of trial and error and research, Kudarat was born.

Today, Kudarat offers skincare products that are hand-crafted in the United States with natural and organic ingredients sourced in the United States. Effective skin-care utilizing what nature gave us allows us to take care of ourselves and our planet.

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