We are now Leaping Bunny Certified!




Kudarat is now certified by the Leaping Bunny Program!

We have always been and always will be, both cruelty-free and vegan. Testing ingredients or finished products on animals is something we don’t support, we definitely don’t do, and we really don’t even understand. If an ingredient or product is deemed too dangerous for us to test on ourselves, then we would never even consider including it in our line of face and body products.

Besides making sure that all of our ingredients are truly cruelty-free (our suppliers have to prove it!), we are committed to sourcing ingredients that are only from plants, many of which are certified organic and harvested sustainable.

Kudarat’s three rescue dog mascots, Letti, Gretchen, and Jules (the one blued-eyed wonder hamming it up in the photo), are giving high-paws all around and having themselves a party! These three came from some seriously horrible backgrounds like abuse, overbreeding, and a gang-involved dog fighting ring. For real. Our very rightfully spoiled furbabies are a daily reminder of what a difference love and compassion makes. After looking into those eyes, how could any of us ever imagine causing harm to an animal?

Some Quick Facts:

  • US law does not require animal testing. Neither the FDA nor the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requires it. There’s plenty of safety data out there as well as in vitro testing (basically testing human cells and tissues) and even computer modeling that makes animal testing obsolete and inexcusable.
  • Did you know that Leaping Bunny is recognized around the world? The UK, Canada, and most of the EU love companies that have joined this voluntary program. Besides, animal testing is a big NO in those countries.
  • Unfortunately, China requires that any company that markets or sells their products in China must test their ingredients and finished products on animals. Until or even if this law changes, Kudarat will not be available in China.
  • Leaping Bunny certification means a lot more than just saying, “we are cruelty-free”. It’s guaranteed! They can come in and audit us and we have to renew each year. It’s on the total up-and-up and we are very committed to being a part of this program
Learn more about the Leaping Bunny Standard to see why we are so proud and excited to be certified!

Cruelty-Free Shopping Is Easy


Visit the Leaping Bunny website or download the Leaping Bunny app for iPhone or Android where you will see Kudarat listed along with all the other certified companies. It’s totally free and totally easy.

Here are a couple of our favorite products that are also good for you:



After trying a lot of natural deodorants out there, Schmidt’s came in as one of our favorites. They even have a sensitive skin formula which is key—many natural deodorants use baking soda in their formulations and many of us adversely react to it in the form of itching, burning, and rashes. Also, they are of course gluten-free. Their fragrances are all 100% natural and trust us, they are amazing!



Of course, we had to include a little something for our furry friends. Nava Pets has a great line of organic and natural products, including their Dog Wash Shampoo. We love it because it is gluten-free. Gretchen, Letti, and Jules live in a grain-free household, so we had to make sure their products also fit the bill and we knew them to be cruelty-free.


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