Brand Philosophy


Kudarat, literally translated from Hindi, means ‘Nature’, which further resonates with elements, change and the inevitable effects of time and transition. This makes us think of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (侘寂), centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. It speaks of the beauty in impermanence, while noticing the aesthetic effects of time on Earthly objects and components.

Changing the perceived idea of a skincare label from being just beautifying or cosmetic to ‘caring & understanding’.

At Kudarat, we do not believe in fighting the inevitable effects of nature, weather and time, but understanding and embracing them. Hence, terms like ‘anti-aging’ and ‘anti–wrinkle’ do not enter our vocabulary. Instead, our products aim at making you comfortable in your own skin.

Keeping with this philosophy, Kudarat skincare products are made exclusively of natural and organic ingredients and are truly gluten-free.  Each ingredient has been carefully selected and each product has been handcrafted to provide the essential nourishment that your skin needs to retain and enhance its finest characteristics.

Choosing clean, natural beauty doesn’t mean compromising on results. Not only do our products deliver what is promised, Kudarat is also redefining what beauty means. Beauty is profoundly connected to health and wellness. This is where Kudarat comes in.

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