How do we fight aging? Does it really even have to be a fight? I think that prevention is really the key. Don’t worry, it’s never too early or too late to start! We all are guilty of speeding up the aging process when we go in the sun without protection, smoke, don’t get enough sleep, stress out, expose ourselves to environmental toxins, eat a poor diet, and use toxin-laden personal care products.


Natural Ways to Prevent Aging Skin Damage

There are a lot of things you can do to take care of yourself and your skin so that you’ll age gracefully and keep looking fabulous into your fifties (you got that right, since I’m knocking on that door!), sixties, and even seventies. Even if you’re only in your 20’s and not really thinking about aging yet, trust me, when you get to be pushing 50 and people still think you’re 30ish, you’ll be glad you listened!

Focus on getting enough sleep (not enough sleep means bags and dark circles), eating right (beautiful skin begins on the inside), reducing stress (meditation and exercise are great for this), and using natural, high-quality skincare products.

Let’s focus on taking care of your skin.


1. Choose Natural Skincare Products

Go with natural skincare products. Seriously. Most of the “big brands” out there tend to use very small amounts of high quality ingredients (if they use any at all) that don’t really make a difference to your skin and they are commonly packed with cheap fillers like mineral oil that actually cause damage to your skin and your health. In fact, mineral oil is the second leading cause of aging and is found in about 95% of personal care products here in the US.
At Kudarat, we truly care about the quality of our products because we care about you. Check out our Revitalizing Moisturizer and
Serum and Restorative Eye Cream.

All of our products are natural, gluten-free, vegan and absolutely toxin-free. We rely on what nature has given us to provide you with skin-care solutions that deliver on what we promise.


2. Sunscreen

Over exposure to the sun is the leading cause of aging. So, each time you play in the sun (even in the winter), use sunscreen. Using sunscreen will help prevent photo-aging, sun spots and sun cancer.

Again, go with natural products. Choose a mineral sunscreen as opposed to a chemical sunscreen. Also, you don’t need a sunscreen with an SPF over 30. An SPF of 20 to 30 is ideal. Why? Well, 97% of the sun’s rays are blocked out by a 20-30 SPF. After that, no matter how high the number, you still aren’t going to block out 100% of the sun’s rays. All you are doing at that point is slathering useless and toxic ingredients onto your skin.

There are some wonderful natural ingredients that offer non-toxic UV protection. Shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil are among those. Since they don’t clog your pores, you can use them on your face as well as your body.


3. Wash Your Face Every Night

This is a biggie. Did you know that every time you go to bed without washing your face, your skin ages by seven days?! Holy guano, batman! That means after a mere 52 nights, you’ve aged your skin by a year! If you do nothing else in terms of a skin care routine, wash your face.

Kudarat’s Rejuvenating Face Wash is packed with vitamins and proteins along with natural AHA’s that leave you with healthy glowing skin. Not your thing? We have a great Cucumber and Green Tea daily face wash as well.


Follow these simple steps and you will do a LOT to naturally stay young for a long, long time!

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