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“The Silent Killer Hiding in Your SkinCare”


“You do not have to sacrifice your health for the sake of looking or smelling good. I didn’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through…”

- Wendi Sudhakar

CEO/Founder, KUDARAT Skincare



Find Kudarat at the following events.

 Click on the links below to learn more about each event. We can’t wait to meet you!

GF & AF Expo

The GFAF Expo is the premier gluten and allergen-free consumer show in the United States.

Consumer Directory Show

FounderMade curates breakthrough consumer brands and drives growth through direct access to retailers, distributor, investors, influencers, and consumers. We are excited to be attending the New York CDS.

Indie Beauty Expo

Founded to support the growth and success of Indie Brands and the entrepreneurs behind them, you can find us at the Indie Beauty Expo

Women Who Influence

Our founder, Wendi Sudhakar, is a co-author in the #1 Best Selling book,  Women Who Influence! She shares her full story about how and why Kudarat came about. It’s funny, inspiring and will leave you feeling empowered.


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What is Gluten?

Watch out for these ingredients in your skincare & make-up brands!

Avoid Petroleum and Mineral Oil in Your Skincare Products Like the Plague!

Avoid Petroleum and Mineral Oil in Your Skincare Products Like the Plague!

Most people shop for their skin care based on packaging, advertising, or out of habit from what they’ve always used, but they rarely actually think about what they’re buying or what they are putting on their skin. Believe me, I’ll be the first to admit guilt. I used to be like a cat with a shiny object, going for the prettiest package that I was drawn to because I really didn’t have a clue otherwise. When comparing labels, they all looked pretty much the same to me. So, no judgement from me at all. But, before we dive into the controversial subject of mineral oil which is contained in a lot of those pretty products, let’s take a quick minute here to break things down.

What the heck is Gluten anyway?

What the heck is Gluten anyway?

What the heck is Gluten anyway?

So, what is it?! It’s actually a family of nasty proteins found in all grains. NOT just wheat, barley and rye. I repeat, it’s in all grains. There are literally thousands of known gluten proteins. For real. That’s not a typo. Here’s the bad news—almost no research has been done on most of the members of this horrible family. The vast majority of the research has focused on the specific gluten protein that is found in wheat, barley, and rye. Most of that work is tied to celiac disease. This is definitely part of the problem and we’re here to dispel some of the misinformation that’s out there. After reading this, I really hope you’ll kick gluten to the curb.

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